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Mick Hucknall denies making love with 3,000 ladies – but has ‘no

Mick Hucknall has denied intercourse that is having 3,000 ladies people in 3 years – but does not devoid of any doubt understand their ‘quantity’.

The Simply Crimson frontman dated a string of crucial females people in the height of their popularity, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Helena Christensen and Martine McCutcheon, plus in 2010, did an imperfect meeting where he stated he previously sex with three women folk every single day.

He advised the Guardian: ‘When the popularity was had by me, it went loopy. Every time between 1985-1987, I would sleep with around three women folk a day. We never pointed out no.

‘This became once the thing I wished from being a pop music crucial person. Read more