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Epa to probe dublin asbestos dumping

Epa to probe dublin asbestos dumping


By: John N. Hickenlooper

Posted: May 4, 2007 1:30 p.m.

Sixty-nine pounds of asbestos were dumped at the Duane Reade Company Inc. plant on Long Island Friday by workers clearing the plant’s asbestos plant floor with machines. The site, where the asbestos has been removed, has a total of 60 years of pollution.

Some 60 tons of asbestos was removed by a number of workers who were picking up asb파라오 카지노estos tiles and other materials at the plant in the morning to clear the floor. On the way back out, the asbestos was caught under the floor, according to the Duane Reade Company’s Web site.

It is unknown if workers received any compensation for the asbestos they removed. Duane Reade was fined $18,200. “Aft일산출장샵er careful consideration, the decision to dump was made for both publi공주출장마사지c and economic reasons,” the company said in a written statement. “The company appreciates the help from the community and has cooperated with the EPA in identifying the source of this waste,” the statement added.

Duane Reade is the fourth of nine companies to have a problem with a problem with heavy metal and has to file a suit to reclaim the asbestos. The company has spent more than $3 million at the site and will pay a fine of $13,800 to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the EPA, nearly 2,000 kilograms of asbestos-contaminated material were removed by 588 workers. It is not known how the heavy metal went into the ground.

Some workers are still working in the site in light of the recent findings.