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PDRAs should upload their documents, yes. This can make sure these outputs qualify for REF submission, no matter where the writer is dependent at enough time of this next REF.

Irrespective of this, the REF policy encourages access that is open all outputs, and uploading papers permits authors to make use of the great things about making their research easily available, including increased citations and packages. devices of Assessment can show their wider commitment to access that is open their REF Environment statements.

When it comes to reasons that are same we advice that honorary people in staff upload their magazines.

No. Uploading your accepted manuscript to RPS doesn’t openly make it available immediately. When you upload, the Open Access Team will look at the file and apply the appropriate available access embargo duration.

Writers usually enforce an embargo (wait) on making documents available access (this might be lay out within the terms and conditions/copyright transfer contract you consent to when you publish), except where a cost is compensated for Gold access that is open. The citation and abstract will appear in UCL Discovery following the Open Access Team has prepared the file, however the accepted manuscript it self is only going to be manufactured available access after the embargo period.

You can contact the Open Access Team to request that the citation and abstract are not made public until after publication – though publishers do not normally consider that making this information available in an open access repository breaches any publication embargo if you are uploading before publication. Read more