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Trujillo severance package questioned as his role in death of three migrants was questioned in court:

Trujillo severance package q더킹 카지노uestioned as his role in death of three migrants was questioned in court:

The prosecutor on Monday questioned how th예스 카지노e $17 million severance package negotiated between the Mexican government and Trujillo, his lawyer, is considered acceptable by other countries. He did not provide a list of countries, but said it included Argentina and New Zealand.

“This is another example of how Mexico and the United States are mutually reinforcing each other. We need to strengthen the links between our people,” said Mr. Aguirre, a prominent local anti-drug agitator.

The three deaths occurred at sea in late 2015, prompting accusations that Mexico’s government was responsible. Trujillo and his family have denied the allegation.

“We will appeal and we will take this case to the International Court of Justice,” lawyer Carlos Otero, a key figure in the case, said. “They will say this is a conspiracy. They will say it’s a corruption scandal.”

Prosecutors declined to comment on the case, citing the ongoing work of a separate criminal investigation, but they released a document on Monday that details the two deaths and the dispute between Trujillo and the federal government.

The document says the pair were in open and rough seas when the boat capsized about 1 a.m. July 14 — but then were rescued by Mexican rescue crews. Their bodies were discovered the following morning in a nearby lake.

Trujillo, 46, had been traveling on the boat when it capsized, according to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission.

In June 2016, the judge presiding over the case ordered Mr. Trujillo to pay another $3 million to a group of families for their failure to pay for the family’s two children after their father’s death, and to settle a case of embezzlement with them, the lawsuit also says.

The judge ordered that both the family of the dead couple and the three others — who were never identified — should receive $20 million each.

Trujillo has insisted he was traveling alone whe에비앙 카지노n he sank his boat and had no connection to gangs that tried to grab the migrants, which made it impossible for authorities to identify the group of seven to 13 people he was helping.

“He had no business with these criminal gangs,” Otero said. “He was in poor condition in the ocean and in the very last day.”

In January, a U.S. grand jury in Washington, D.