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You have several options if you are having problems making your car repayments.

These be determined by what kind of finance contract you have got. Start to see the tabs below for information on the various kinds of agreements.

Study our debt that is three-step action to see if you’re able to get your funds right right back on course.

If you should be experiencing difficulty making your repayments and don’t know what to complete, you could get assistance from the cash guidance and Budgeting provider (MABS). There are more organisations that will offer you support if you should be in psychological distress, like the Samaritans.

An individual Contract Arrange (PCP) is really a kind of hire purchase agreement and has a tendency to cause reduced month-to-month repayments. You don’t possess the automobile before you are making the payment that is final. The finance company will be the owners of the motor vehicle, perhaps maybe not the garage you purchased it from.

If you should be having difficulties making repayments that are PCP

You may well be permitted to offer the motor vehicle to repay your debts, but you will want to get permission through the finance company, that are the owners of the automobile, to get this done. Hire purchase contracts, such as PCPs, permit you to end your agreement utilising the ‘half rule’. This permits you to definitely end your agreement and provide right back the car, but you’ll still need to spend half the price that is PCP. Read more