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‘Hot Rats’ at 50: just just How Frank Zappa busted up their musical organization, relocated to L.A. And helped invent jazz-rock

Today America in 1969 was nearly as weird as it is.

A war that is seemingly endless Southeast Asia, the horrific assassinations of governmental progressives and creepy Richard Nixon’s presidency cast shadows perhaps the last flickering flames of summer love couldn’t dispel. (Charles Manson didn’t help. )

Somewhere else in this world that is strange stone nevertheless mattered too much to a great number of individuals.

The Band, the Byrds and their brethren were espousing an acoustic retreat that is rural all of that; the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane had been maintaining the western Coast strange, although that couldn’t final long; and King Crimson had been unleashing a prog-rock masterpiece, “In the Court of this Crimson King. Read more