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Ukrainian brand name Foberini – can be an inexhaustible way to obtain some ideas and motivation

“The poetic term spoken in a delighted revolution by which one handy as coins without losing its value in addition to year, in addition to 100 years” – these smart terms of Ivan Franko i’d like to check out another channel. Our traditions and our dress that is national as nationwide relics never have lost their much much deeper meaning and relevance even with one thousand years. Therefore please us brand new Ukrainian fashion business that not merely produce unique contemporary models with aspects of embroidery, but additionally promote widely distribute them worldwide.

We first received awareness of the clothing brand FOBERINI over last year and was impressed by the exquisite beauty and purity of lines and harmonious mix of modern fashion with conventional embroidery that is ukrainian.

“That’s what we must all women appeared as if a queen in a dress with Ukrainian elements” – the very first thing that came in your thoughts.

Today FOBERINI visiting the mag people” that are“Ukrainian.

Alexandra, emerged while the basic concept of ??creating a brand name name?

– Now be really popular phrase: “Ukraine is ready to accept the whole world. ” Certainly, talk of Ukraine, in specific the qualitative modifications place that is taking our nation. We additionally could maybe maybe not keep quiet (laughs).

The concept of ??creating a brand name FOBERINI here in 2014. Initially we wished to produce an extremely unique Ukrainian product manufactured in Ukraine from Ukrainian garbage and Ukrainian music artists, that could have a significant nationwide load ended up being interesting globe. Read more