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Interview matt toomua

Interview matt toomua

It has been a very long day!

Today, at 11.31 am on the 11th, the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi held an extraordinary press conference where he took the blame for the global economic meltdown for many reasons.

Most of the press conference was dominated by discussions about the recent economi엠카지노c crash, in particular the massive amounts of money that have flowed into the financial system. He then opened up about his own finances, which now includes a lot of debts (his house is worth thousands of pounds) and that will be very expensive to resolve.

His biggest debt, which will probably amount to around 50 times what it was when he started, is his house. He pays about 400 hours a week in rent. This includes expenses like cleaning the house every week, as well as some “business” expenses. That includes the occasional personal trip, but he has also received a large bonus from Goldman Sachs and has been working a full-time job.

He announced a plan to resolve this problem by reducing some of his debt, which are called a “stranded payments” on his house. 예스 카지노These are payments that have gone beyond the financial system and are not part of his pension plan. A stranded payment is a payment that cannot be rolled over into another period of time such as a year.

He gave an example from the financial world where the CEO gets a paid vacation on their retirement in the form of a stranded payment. But this is a bit unusual as the CEO is still an employee of the company. Mr Draghi said this was another way for the company to deal with its employees but said that if he was asked, he would have to ask about it first before making any pension changes.

He also discussed the cost of selling houses, explaining how he sold the one he owned when he was 22 years old in 2004. He said it cost him 200,000 pounds before the banks were interested, but since then it has become the biggest loan in his life. He said he has not been able to pay the bank back because it has grown so big.

After giving an overview o오바마카지노f the problems, his main worry for future will be to find ways to grow the economy and be able to pay off the loans. When he is asked if he had considered going into the markets (which he has not since he bought his house) with his house, he admits that he has and says the market is a good investment too. He also thinks that the market will ge