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A Russian girl about Russian women


My name is actually Elena Petrova. As the title of this particular internet site points out, I am a Russian woman. I grew in Russia, and spent the large portion of my lifestyle there certainly. I obtained wed to a Westerner in 1998.

I possess an experts level in philosophy (earned a degree withdistinction), as well as additionally a postgraduate education in advertising and marketing. For a couple of years I worked in commerce, after that as a copy writer for a promotion division of a famous plant employing over 4,500 individuals. My final role before I left Russia was actually as a local manager of a sizable marketing agency (some of 22 local workplaces), where I possessed 150 folks working withme and very a comfortable earnings. I had my personal house and also a car, so the reason I determined to try to find a husband abroad was certainly not considering that I was actually hopeless or even residing in destitution.

I lived in Ekaterinburg, among the largest urban areas in Russia, traveled a great deal, botharound the nations of the former Soviet Union (when I started to journey it was still a nation; Soviet Union ended in 1991 plus all past 15 Soviet Commonwealths ended up being independent nations) as well as “muchabroad”, exactly how Russians call the countries, whichwere actually not a part of the USSR. In my viewpoint, our experts Russians are actually various from the various other nations. Read about it in the Russians segment of the web page “Regarding Russia”.

ThoughI’ve never possessed a complication withobtaining guys’s attention, I was not able to locate The Man Of My Aspirations in my homeland. Why? I don’t understand, deeper inside I right now think it was actually just not suggested to become, I was actually meant to emigrate and also end up being an article writer and also start an outdating organization, and if I satisfied a partner in Russia I understand this would certainly never ever take place!:-RRB- Well, it is actually type of a laughbut as the stating goes ‘every prank possesses a bit of prank, the rest is actually the honest truth’ … However facts are realities and the simple facts are actually that althoughI definitely would like to receive wed and have a family members, I really did not get married in Russia.

This is actually why at the grow older of 29 I chose to widen my horizons and also attempt to try to find a person abroad. Being actually solitary at 29 is greater than simply a little bit of uncommon for a russian bride girl. It was actually not just strange, it looked doubtful, and also I seemed like a full pinhead every time I must respond to the inquiry “Have you acquired gotten married to?” (it meant: “finally …”) whenever I satisfied my college or college friends. Check out the Family life area, and you will perhaps know why.

You know, weding a foreigner is just one of the most popular subject matters in Russia. I believe, any singular Russian female will have considered it a minimum of when in her life. This tip pertained to my mind a number of times considering that I was actually 26, and also it took me as low as 3 years to start making it come to life. I will not overburden you along withthe details, let’s merely claim that my searchwas actually pretty prosperous. I got muchmore than 250 males’s letters from throughout the planet, the majority of from the UNITED STATES. Seriously, I was amazed withthe number and also premium of males who addressed my add, they were informed, intriguing, mature and really intended to have a loved ones! WOW! This was sucha variation withRussian guys, it was actually unsubstantiated! It nearly looked too good too hold true! (This is probably how you feel checking out accounts of Russian females)

Long story small, I satisfied my fiancé instead rapidly althoughit took our team twelve monthbefore our company met personally and also another half a year just before our company obtained married. (Today it occurs a lot quicker, Skype as well as cheap international calling prices assist …) Pretty very soon I got pregnant along withour hand kid as well as in yet another couple of years our team possessed our 2nd.

I still keep in contact along withmy russian bride pals, as well as my prosperous tale has urged most of all of them to try similarly. My cousin married a fella coming from the USA, and my friends are actually corresponding along withAmericans, Australians and also Europeans.

The suggestion of relationships in between Western side males and also overseas women was definitely appealing to me, whichis actually why I decided to develop this internet site. I want to supply really unbiased info regarding Russian girls, their aims, goals, and also interpretations, and discuss their misunderstandings and also superstitious notions.

A while ago I was questioned by Cosmo, and the lady-reporter seemed to be mosting likely to write a fully various account from the get go of our job interview. The announcement for the potential short article was “SouthAfrica’s mail order bride-to-bes”. Seems a little unpleasant, does not it? This was actually the very first time I had actually heard this condition “mail order brides”, and truthfully, I was actually surprised!!! I possessed no suggestion this was actually the technique Russian women looking for companions abroad were represented in western side media.

Nevertheless, it appeared like the lady-reporter changed her perspective. The cover webpage to the actual problem withthe short article mentioned “SouthAfrica’s Mail Order Romances”. A bit a lot better. And also the short article finished withwords “Invite” and “Best of luck” took care of to all us Russian ladies. (Thanks, Shantal.)

This was my first confrontation along withthe technique Russian-western relationships were presented in the media. I viewed on the Web looking for the information, and also was actually stunned a lot more. Withnumerous sources providing information about Russian females, there was actually priceless little info that was actually not unfair, or actively inaccurate.

I found that there are 2 sorts of beliefs in Western culture regarding Russian girls, favorable as well as adverse, bothare far coming from the reality. Even thoughthere is actually a grain of reality in some of them, they are actually commonly totally incorrect regarding the reasons for the phenomena. This is why I decided to create my personal web site, and also provide the opinion of a Russian lady that came throughthe process herself. Being actually a qualified theorist, I attempted to manage concerns thinking about all factors of my adventure, previous russian bride and most up-to-date Western side, and also observe the whole picture as opposed to considering different items of the problem, and trying to draw conclusions concerning the whole picture coming from this incredibly part. I hope it offers a far better understanding of Russian females as well as Russia typically.

Please note that the principal materials of this particular website, including webpages “Concerning Russia”, “Russian Women Keys” as well as “Myths As Well As Truth”, were actually composed long prior to I started my dating business, thus please don’t assume they are actually an usual advertising hype. They share the ideas of a Russian woman on targets in question, as well as certainly not the ideas of a dating site proprietor. I later on modified some facts that ended up being obsolete (thanks my visitors for pointing me out) but kept the significance.

So initially this website was actually designed as an informative resource however a lot of my guests inquired me if I can do this whichfor all of them, whichis actually how the idea regarding offering people a solution related to my thoughts. Starting from motes like interpretations, russian bride s Cyber Overview began to supply different solutions to individuals seeking international relationships.

Since I wanted to keep russian bride s Cyber Quick guide as an informative source, the courting agency functions were unified as Elena’s Designs.

Articles about me as well as my company were published in numerous Russian magazines consisting of Cosmopolitan, Home Computer, Computers and Net, Private Lifestyle, Krest’ yanka (prominent girls’s publication) and dozens of others. I was actually welcomed for TV meetings in Russia and also SouthAfrica. I was actually also sought job interviews by numerous newspapers and magazines – U.S.A., UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica, Finland … I have actually authored a book in Russian, called “101 pointers how to discover a husband abroad.” I have clients coming from across the world. (Visit this site for the list of nations).

My internet sites russian bride s Cyber Quick guide as well as Elena’s Models are highly recommended by many sources on the Internet, consisting of anti-scam internet sites, and their referrals are actually the most ideal debt to my work.

I am extremely glad to become one of the women that dealt withto create their method into the Net service. When I left behind Russia I did certainly not also understand what the World wide web was actually! Right now I possess an international dating agency along withoffices in 5 nations – a goal come to life!:-RRB-