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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Calls for Atlantic City Budget Slim Down for Municipal Workers

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no longer crisscrossing the nation on the campaign that is presidential, and thus the Republican, now in his 2nd gubernatorial term, has more time and energy to refocus their efforts on issues facing their own state.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said enough cleopatra 2 slot game will do on Thursday, calling on state lawmakers to seize control of the city. He made his instance designed with colorful graphs showing the overspending that is reckless’s become rampant in Atlantic City.

No concern is more paramount in New Jersey right now than Atlantic City’s current financial crisis. On Thursday, Christie told their fellow legislators that it’s in the city’s best interest to permit the state to take close control of its finances.

‘Even with all the support while the advice regarding the Emergency Manager that we applied in 2015, Atlantic City took only modest steps to rein inside their costs,’ Christie said at the statehouse this week. ‘They face a $100 million spending plan shortfall this $100 million budget deficit this present year . . year . They are the true numbers, this is the math, and these are the important points, and there’s no debate about it.’

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In Christie’s arguments, the governor highlighted just what he believes to be gross overspending on municipal workers. Armed with charts and graphs, he showed th Read more